If you have yet to set out your goals for 2022, then you’re absolutely in the right place. If you have, then maybe this anecdote will help support your courage to achieve them! As we wrap 2021, most of you overachievers have likely already mapped out your 2022. But for some of you, goal-setting (actually really writing it down) has not been a regular practice. Well, today’s guest credits his practice of goal-setting since age 19, I mean really committing it to writing, to becoming a 4-time All-American athlete, hitting over $1.3 Billion in sales, retiring “early” by age 32, and ultimately finding his current passion: Regenerative Capitalism. Jim Gale, CEO of Food Forest Abundance, is a remarkable and inspiring human, and this interview is a great way to wrap this current year.  I believe it can help vault us into the New Year by breaking down Jim’s story and success markers so that you and I can enter into the next year ready to set a  new bar for personal growth, self-expression, achievement (if that’s what’s important to you) and excellence.  And, if you’re curious at all about what the heck Regenerative Capitalism is, well, Jim explains it all in the interview. But the short version of “what the heck is he doing?” is building resilient and self-sustaining food systems that are easily duplicatable using his team’s proven “blueprint” along with clean renewable energy, to provide true off-grid sustainability for anyone, anywhere! If that sounds interesting and you’d like to start your own food forest, you can get started by going to . Jim and his team are there to help you get everything set up, and get you on your way to personal freedom and abundance as you head into 2022.


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