In the words of today’s guest, Hanan Fishman, “Planning a DC microgrid is no different than any other technical undertaking. You need to start with defining the problem you are trying to solve. In the realm of microgrids, several buzzwords often come to mind including resilience. But you’ll need to drill beyond just buzzwords and really understand the problem you want to solve, whether it is offsetting higher demand charges, creating greater resiliency from grid outages or something else altogether. Answering this first question will determine if a DC microgrid even makes sense versus an AC coupled topology.” Hanan Fishman is the President of Alencon Systems and has over 20 years’ experience in technology development and commercialization. He actually sold his last company to a brand you might recognize, Autodesk! Today, he’s working hard to scale a DC-DC “platform”, we might refer to it as a DC Optimizer, and he has a particular view on the weaknesses in the current power conversion model/market, and how Alencon does things differently. Listen closely if you’re at all curious how the solar and microgrid space is expanding, and you’ll learn from a seasoned Technology executive who’s bringing electronics manufacturing back to US Shores and giving incumbent power conversion device makers a run for their money!


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