SolBid, Inc is putting the spotlight on Isaac Goldings, Software Engineer Intern.



At SolBid, our team consists of hard-working individuals, each with their own unique story. Today, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on Isaac Goldings, one of our talented Software Engineering Interns.



Isaac is a full-time student at Brandeis University in Waltham, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. Isaac was drawn to SolBid as he was looking for ways to apply technical skills to solve environmental challenges. He appreciates the company’s commitment to renewable energy and the opportunity to learn more about the field.

In his free time, Isaac enjoys outdoor recreation like hiking, rock climbing, and skiing. To balance his work and life, he tries to get enough sleep and some exercise each day.

Isaac lives by the motto, “be kind,” which he believes helps simplify things. He’s hopeful that renewable energy will eventually replace fossil fuels as our primary source of energy and make significant contributions to solving the climate crisis.

We’re thrilled to have Isaac as a member of our team, and we’re grateful for his hard work and dedication in helping us empower businesses to go solar!



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