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Blue Raven Solar started in 2014 when three team members had a goal: to bring clean, renewable energy to homeowners in a way that was not only accessible, but also affordable and with a trustworthy approach. While we began as a small operation, only able to work as solar installers in a small radius of the state of Utah, we have grown over the last eight years to over 2,200 employees and expanded our services to nearly half of the United States of America. 


We have received several awards that have been a testament to that significant growth. 


Expanding into new markets across the nation has not been easy, but thanks to our amazing customers who have made the switch to solar, we have grown exponentially, and now we have more momentum than ever. This momentum is caused by the same reasons we grew so quickly originally: people want to save money through solar and the idea of clean, accessible energy is more of a reality now than it has ever been. 


Because of the dedicated work of our sales, field, and corporate teams, our expansion has been smooth and successful, with bright prospects for the future of Blue Raven Solar.  


In our states of operation, we have more than 50 major cities and surrounding areas where we regularly install residential solar panel systems.  


So, are you looking for a solar installer?  


We just might be in a city near you.  

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