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Credit: HDR

Independent power producer Silicon Ranch and Nextracker LLC, a provider of solar tracker and software solutions, have signed a master supply agreement (MSA) to deliver 1.5 GW of Nextracker’s solar tracker technology to Silicon Ranch projects through 2024, with options to expand as Silicon Ranch’s portfolio grows.

The MSA represents the latest milestone in the long-standing strategic relationship between two solar businesses. The agreement includes a shared commitment by both companies to increase domestic supply and promote lower-carbon production processes.

“Despite severe disruption to global supply chains and other pressures facing the solar industry, Silicon Ranch remains committed to maintaining our 100 percent track record for successful project delivery,” says Reagan Farr, Silicon Ranch’s co-founder and CEO. “This agreement with Nextracker not only helps us keep our promises to our customers, but also enables us to decarbonize our supply chain and support additional investments in American manufacturing. We have grown our business through the power of collaborative partnerships, and we are thrilled to expand our relationship with Nextracker as we accelerate our growth strategy across the US.”

“We are so impressed with Silicon Ranch’s differentiated development model which exemplifies community engagement, and win-win solutions for ranching and agriculture to benefit from solar, not only financial investors selling power,” comments Dan Shugar, Nextracker’s founder and CEO. “We have listened to Silicon Ranch’s needs and modified our products to add more value to their applications. Connecting their demand to more domestic steel and manufacturing capacity results in more jobs with cleaner steel and optimized logistics.”

“Designing the best possible power plant – wherever our customers need energy – is crucial to Silicon Ranch’s mission and core values, and to do so we maintain consistent feedback loops with proven partners like Nextracker in an effort to advance robust designs and industry standards,” states Nick de Vries, Silicon Ranch’s SVP of technology and asset management. “Nextracker’s recent launch of the NX Horizon-XTR is the latest output of our collaboration, as this technology yields a smarter, more streamlined way to build solar on varied terrain, allowing Silicon Ranch to deliver high-quality solar projects and remain good stewards of the land at the same time.”

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