WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Starter Kit, High Efficiency Monocrystalline PV Module for Boat, Caravan, RV and Other Off Grid Applications

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  • High Efficiency: WEIZE solar panel is constructed with high-performance Monocrystalline solar cells that offer higher efficiency up to 21% than Polycrystalline in bright weather condition, it provides a long service life and is virtually maintenance free.
  • Durable: The anodized aluminum frames, tempered glass and sealed junction box make the solar panel corrosion-resistant and weatherproof for superior outdoor performance.
  • Versatile: The industrial-standard solar panel features 36.4″ x 26.8″ x 1.2″ size, 2.6ft cable with connectors, produces 300-600Wh a day, generates 5.3 amp power, charges 12 volt battery, ideal for RV’s, cabins, sheds, remote locations and other small power generation needs.
  • Installation Ready: Equipped with all necessary accessories that include: 1*30A PWM charger controller (intelligent protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuit, and reverse current.) , 1 pair 20ft extension cables, 1 pair of 8ft battery tray cable, 1 set mount brackets and screws (Battery and inverter are NOT included).
  • Warranty: WEIZE 200W solar panel starter kit aims for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by manufacturer. A satisfied solution will be given for ANY of your problems. Our support team is on standby for YOU.

, WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Starter Kit, High Efficiency Monocrystalline PV Module for Boat, Caravan, RV and Other Off Grid Applications, 239.99, USD,

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Product Dimensions

39.6 x 26.3 x 1.4 inches

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15.8 pounds



3 reviews for WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Starter Kit, High Efficiency Monocrystalline PV Module for Boat, Caravan, RV and Other Off Grid Applications

  1. Jlyle

    Installed on a camp/cargo trailer conversion. Was able to modify the mounts without issue. Hooked up and had power to LED lighting within 4 hours. Charged the deep cycle battery quickly. 2 days later the lights would not come on. I ended up replacing the charge controller with an MPPT and have not had any issues since. Turned on my exhaust fan on low overnight to see how it would do. The fan was running this morning and the battery is more than half full. Perfect for what I need. What I would have done is purchase without the charge controller and purchase a good quality MPPT controller. BTW the cabling provided in the kit is great.

  2. Kerri w lassere

    I didn’t care for the fact that u still have to purchase the battery and the inverter to begin using the starter kit but it has lowered my light bill every month now by about 50.00 and I only have these 2 panels installed.. I plan to go totally solar and will purchase this brand of panels to extend my kit..

  3. Dr. Dan

    Updated: 12/30/2020

    The company has been working with me to resolve the problem and has been very responsive. However, at this time I still hover around 0.5 to 0.8 amps output, even after draining the batteries to 50% as instructed (well, they asked me to drain to 25% but my battery instructions warn against that so I went to 25%).

    I will continue to update this review as time goes on and, hopefully, the issue is resolved.

    Original Review:

    I just contacted the company today about the problem with my panels, so I hope that within a week the problems with the panels will be resolved….but, here is my brief story:

    I installed them two weeks ago and although I don’t check on them daily, every time I have checked on the output (as shown on the provided controller) it has never been more than 0.8 amps. It would seem that with 200 watts of panels they should peak at 16 amps in full sunshine. Although I never expected to get full amperage, I would expect to get at least 10 amps in full sunshine! The output was so low that my two batteries discharged 25% over two weeks while only powering a smoke detector and the backlight on the built in radio in my camper.

    I am not sure if the problem is with the panels or the controller, but I will update this review once their customer service helps me resolve this problem.

    Aside from very low output, the panels appear to be well made, and all provided hardware is either stainless or aluminum. I was very impressed with the overall product quality, as well as the packaging and shipping.

    My rating for tech support is based on their provided documentation. It was easy to read and to follow the provided instructions.

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