Gocheer 1000W Portable Power Station, 962Wh 260000mAh Solar Generator with 3x110V/1000W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets Power Supply for Home Outdoor…

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  • Large Capacity 962Wh Solar Generator: With 1000W running wattage, 260000mAh lithium battery pack, and massive 962Wh capacity, most of the high-power appliances can be charged by this portable power station, such as fridge, window air conditioner, microwave oven(Max 1000W), space heaters, cooling fans, coffee maker etc. Gocheer portable solar generator meets various of your power needs when there is an unexpected power failure.
  • Multi-Output Ports Supported: Featured with a wide range of output options, including 3*110V pure sine wave AC outlets, note that the total rated wattage should be under 1000W (surge 2000W), 1* PD 60W fast-charge port, 1* PD 18W port,1*12V/8A DC port, 2*wireless charger, 2* USB-A ports(5V 2.4A). This multi-function power station is perfect for home use, which gives you confidence in the event of a sudden power outage.
  • Strong Protection and ECO Friendly: 3 pure sine wave AC outlets ensure a safer charge for your devices just like make a charge at home. It features a built-in smart cooling fan, which will automatically turn on when the device temperature exceeds the constant. It can also safeguard the device by over-voltage protection, over-current protection. In addition, Gocheer portable solar generator runs without bothering noise, no fuel or gasoline, which makes it more environmentally friendly.
  • Ways for Recharge: Built-in MPPT technology offers faster solar recharge rates. This outdoor solar generator can quickly get recharged with an efficient solar panel(solar panel not included), The charging time depends on the strength of the sunlight and the wattage of the solar panel you use. And you can also get it recharged from AC outlets and 12v car ports(both included). The time for a full charge is about 7 hours from an AC outlet or 15 hours from car ports, and 6 hours from generator.
  • Multifunctional Power Station: The wattage of the device will display on the color LCD screen of the power station in real-time when charging(maybe a little deviation for low-power appliances). In addition, it comes with four light modes(weak light, strong light, fast flashlight, slow flashlight), which is helpful for a short power outage. And it’s perfect for home use outdoor camping travel hunting emergency.

, Gocheer 1000W Portable Power Station, 962Wh 260000mAh Solar Generator with 3x110V/1000W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets Power Supply for Home Outdoor…, 649.99, USD,

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3 reviews for Gocheer 1000W Portable Power Station, 962Wh 260000mAh Solar Generator with 3x110V/1000W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets Power Supply for Home Outdoor…

  1. Jor El

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     Now I am properly prepared for emergencies. This is one great Portable Power Station to own. I should have purchased this years ago!
    The Gocheer 1000W is finally a unit large enough with enough capacity and watt output power level to use in a van, camper, or just a standalone for weekend getaways. Once I have it, I realized how much I can use it every day.
    I bought this model as this can really be an all-in-one solution for power with enough reserve energy to get me through the short blackouts and use for lighter applications!
    With a 260000mAh lithium battery cell, I am able to cook, make coffee, boil water, run a blender, along with other normal daily functions during an electrical blackout was a goal that I was having a hard time meeting. I even use it for my tools when working in my backyard that has no electricity.

    Weighing less than 18 lbs, (and measures about 13″x9″x8″ inches) it’s still very portable for me and also has a handle that makes it easy to carry the unit wherever it is needed. Being stuck at home makes me grateful that I was able to purchase one before another storm arrives.

    I also found the built-in lights to be very useful. When it really gets dark, you need it! When my power is down, I quickly use it to charge up my essentials ( phones, laptops, portable battery banks, etc ) to keep me going before moving on to my bigger items such as fans and my small kitchen appliances.

    Basically, this station is an amazing tool to own. Whether it be for daily use or emergency situations, it is always good to have a backup power supply on hand and the Gocheer 1000W does just that.
    You can also add on your own solar power panels to charge this unit outdoors if you like that are sold separately.

    I am very happy with this Gocheer 1000W at this point. I enjoy writing reviews of products and try to give honest opinions. I also base most of my purchases on reviews from others.
    I know that honest and helpful reviews can make all the difference in a purchasing decision.

  2. Rainman

    One week after receiving my Gocheer power station, I lost power in the morning while starting to make coffee. I plugged in my coffee machine to the power station and made my great hot coffee!! Then was able to heat hot water for tea. I’m going to buy 2 more power stations as a safety gift to my family. This can power my lights, phone, and laptop & almost anything you need..

  3. Douglas C. Meeks

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     This is the first portable generator that actually provided an actual useful amount of power. It still is not going to run my daughters hair dryer but most other small appliances will be able to run here. This generator has enough capacity do go for days under most camping/emergency of cell phones/laptops and lights. I have some LED camping lights that barely pull 10 watts at its worst and this thing could run them for days. It is a bit heavier than some which is just the laws of physics but once you get it to where ever you are going you will be glad you brought it. So for peace of mind during emergencies, added comfort during camping or just “in case” this is a great item to have so I give it 5 Stars for a great device at a good price. Don’t forget the built-in flashlight/camping light that this thing can run for days and days.

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