EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station 720Wh, Power Multiple Devices, Recharge 0-80% Within 1 Hour, for Camping, RV, Outdoors, Off-Grid

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  • ⚡[3 x AC OUTLETS AND 720Wh CAPACITY]: The RIVER Pro can power up to 10 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options, including 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. Note that the total rated wattage of the AC outlets should be under 600W (surge 1200W). It offers up to 720Wh power and it weighs just 16.8lbs, which makes it a portable power station for adventure on the go.
  • ⚡[RECHARGE FROM 0-80% WITHIN 1 HOUR]: The patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology enables you to charge the RIVER Pro from 0%-80% within one hour and offers a full charge in just 1.6 hours.
  • ⚡[POWER A WIDE RANGE OF APPLIANCES]: With a built-in 600W inverter, the RIVER Pro can power some devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on, which lets you power about 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances and DIY tools. Please conduct full test on a case-by-case basis to see if the X-Boost feature can work with your appliances. Use devices below 1200W for the best product use.
  • ⚡[DOUBLE CAPACITY FROM 720Wh to 1440Wh]: Add a RIVER Pro Extra Battery to double the capacity from 720Wh to 1440Wh. This is ideal for situations like traveling, camping, or group outdoor activities where you need more power for more devices. RIVER Pro Extra Battery is sold separately.
  • ⚡[24-MONTH PRODUCT GUARANTEE]: The RIVER Pro portable power station comes with a 24-month product guarantee, and EcoFlow offers a 24×7 specialist customer service. In the box: 1x RIVER Pro, 1x AC Charging Cable, 1x Car Charging Cable, 1x Solar Charging Cable, 1x DC5521-DC5525 Cable, 1x RIVER Pro User Manual, 1x RIVER Pro GUARANTEE Card.

, EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station 720Wh, Power Multiple Devices, Recharge 0-80% Within 1 Hour, for Camping, RV, Outdoors, Off-Grid, 579, USD,

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Item Weight

‎16.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.4 x 7.3 x 9.3 inches


‎River Pro

Power Source

‎Solar powered


‎110 Volts


‎720 watt_hours

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3 reviews for EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station 720Wh, Power Multiple Devices, Recharge 0-80% Within 1 Hour, for Camping, RV, Outdoors, Off-Grid

  1. welder314

    Update 8-12-21: So I went camping where there is no service; the app was updated on my phone prior to going on the trip. At my destination, opened the app find it was logged out due to the update. With no service, the app couldn’t be launched. EcoFlow, please fix this.

    I bought this for off-grid use, such as camping in the middle of nowhere. But, this requires internet. Yes, you read that correctly. Some of the features are ONLY in the app, and the app REQUIRES internet. And it requires you to have it connected to their servers. That’s ridiculous – this is a battery pack. Who designs a battery pack that needs to connect to a corporate server? It’s just a BATTERY.

    They could have easily put ALL the features in the main control panel, and added “remote” features to the app. If they did that, it would be fine.

    A sticker on the unit says “X-Boost must be turned off in the EcoFlow app” to turn on the AC power. So I’m in the middle of nowhere, with no internet, and what, now I can’t turn on the AC output? Because I have no internet. Totally bad engineering.

    Just for the total fail with the app, which is super disappointing, I do not recommend this.

    Now if you think that you’ll be “connected” 24/7, then here’s my take on the rest of it.

    It charges very quickly. Mine was 30% charged out of the box. Plugged in to wall, it reached 97% in an hour. Ten minutes later it was at 100%. With two 100 watt solar panes (that actually output 100 watts), wired in parallel, I was able to charge at a rate of 190 watts; of course solar output will vary during the day, but I was easily able to charge it from 10% to 100% in about 4 hours. Car charging was slower, but that’s just due to to the limitation of most 12v sockets which typically can only provide around 10 amps (about 120 watts).

    AC output voltage is accurate and steady at 120v, frequency measures exactly 60.0 Hz. On an oscilloscope, output is a clean sine wave with negligible noise. The AC output is ungrounded, or what some people call a “floating” ground. The neutral is not bonded to the chassis. For general use, this is ok, and does not present a hazard. Make sure you do NOT ground this unit under normal use, or you will create a shock hazard. Despite not having a ground circuit, you can still use a portable GFCI for additional protection, and it will work correctly.

    Now about X-Boost – it’s marketing deception. This unit will provide 600 watts. PERIOD. That’s all. No more. It will support a very short 1200 watt surge, only a fraction of second, which will allow *some* devices that draw under 600 watts to start, such as those with capacitive start motors. Again, it will NOT give you over 600 watts of running power. Ever. So what does it do? It simply drops the voltage, and you get a resulting current drop. Example: your hair dryer uses 400 watts on Low, you plug it in, it works fine. You want to use your hair dryer on High, which draws 1200 watts, so you turn on X-Boost. What you get is 600 watts of low voltage, low current to your hair dryer – it runs slow, and only gives less than 600 watts of heat.

    DC open circuit voltage is 13.57, which is appropriate for almost all “12 volt” devices, and will prevent some devices from shutting down from sensing a “low battery.” For example, many portable refrigerators have a battery saver, and will shut off above 12.0 volts (mine shuts off at 12.1).

    All the ports charge as expected – USB, USB-C, etc. Run time at the C5 rate is as advertised. If you use higher powered devices, expect a correspondingly shorter run time, which is completely normal.

    The display is easy to read, but could be much better. For one, it’s blue. I hate blue. It’s trendy, and looks gimmicky. It would be much more practical with a green/red backlit LCD, which can be read in bright sunlight and total darkness. Useful info is missing, such as voltage. However, there’s enough generic info to tell you when it’s about to go dead.

    The built-in light is kind of weird. What’s really needed is panel lighting so you can see the ports at night, not a arbitrarily placed flashlight. I have tons of flashlights, I don’t need an 18 pound light that barely illuminates anything. The display shows 1w and 3w of power for Low and High respectively. I measured about 30 lumens on low, 100 on high and SOS. The beam is a sickly blue and green combo of hot spot and concentric rings, not that great. It’s mostly a “last resort” kind of thing. I covered it with a diffuser, and it’s way more useful.

    Summary: 5 stars for the power circuit / battery, size, form factor. 4 stars for general usability. 0 stars for adding an app and trying to make a battery into something it will never be.

    UPDATE: I bought the extra battery, here’s my thoughts on that.
    It’s basically just a big chunk of battery with a handle, and like the primary unit, it’s fairly light weight and easy to carry.
    There’s a 5-segment charge level indicator, and a over/under temp indicator light. The power switch will turn on both units when they are connected. Other than that, there are no other features, and it is simple and easy to use.
    After testing with various loads, I found run time to be as advertised. Combined with the River Pro, you’ve got 1400+ WH of power – very nice.
    Now for my gripe – the connector. EcoFlow literally used a connector from the 1950’s that is not designed for power transfer. They even used an old design, with plastic thumbscrews that are difficult to grab, and difficult to use. There are so many other, better power connectors on the market, I can only think that they chose these to save money, which was a bad choice.
    ZERO stars for the connector, 5 stars for the overall design of the battery pack.

  2. James R Newton

    The Ecoflow River Pro is the largest of the River line and also the most expandable with the optional extra battery pack. This is the best performing small portable generator in its class – anywhere. With a 600W (1200W surge) pure sine wave inverter, a 720WH Liion battery (no, not LiFePO4) and a maximum 660W input charge rate, this is a small beast. Other comparable models have 300W inverters, 500WH batteries and a measly 100-200W input charge rate that takes half a day to recharge. The River Pro absolutely recharges to 80% in 1 hour flat and only takes an extra 45 min to top off to 100% – all with a battery that’s half again bigger than the 500WH competition.

    This unit is not designed for BIG applications such as running an RV or home backup power. But it could run a home fridge in a pinch and will cover all your weekend camping lighting and recharge needs. It can even run a TV for a few hours and if you’re on the road you can have it recharged and ready for the next night, no problem.

    There have been some other reviews talking down about not having LiFePO4 batteries because that was what had been purported in the Kickstarter campaign. But this is a production unit and is properly advertised as LIION which is rated at 800+ cycles to 80% capacity. Several features were changed and most of them were an improvement. Funding a Kickstarter campaign always contains risk and sometimes the products don’t make it to production at all. All I can say is that this is a fantastic item and works better than advertised, so far.

    Sorry for the long review. No, I was not given a unit or paid in any way for this review and I don’t normally write these. But after much research and reading, I chose this one and it has exceeded my expectations.

  3. Ken M.

    Bought for the power storage capacity, “ups” pass thru, high speed charging and no need for odd bulky power brick for mobile use or home blackouts with medical equipment. It recharges fast and 600 watt inverter is decent for most uses. However I was disappointed when I learned after purchase that the the reviews and eco tech info I had read showed that the R600 pro renamed to the river 600 pro WERE FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT. The R600 apparently used high life cycle lithium Iron phosphate that provide more discharge/recharge cycles than than the lithium ion 18650 packs the river pro has. I feel they should have made this more clear which creates a bait and switch vibe. Using just a rename to shadow key design performance changes is a bad move. It is a great design otherwise, wonderful screen, well engineered box, fantastic handle, and as above features make it a better choice for this class of device. It just could have been mindblowingly amazing had it been LiFePO4. The bluetti and a couple others have much better battery chemistry but their design seemed weak and limiting and functionality while decent lacks innovation that the ecoflow river pro has in abundance. I have edited up my original review because a deeper dive into the competition for better left me glad I bought this. I may even spring for the expansion cell since the pair is a good flexible solution for portability with power density. I have connected the river pro to 2 x 100 watt 3rd party folding solar panels via accessory parallel mc4 connectors providing 160 watts and that gave me great peace of mind as it charged nicely with the mppt controller built in. The light could be better to be a cob flood panel style. While I didnt buy it for its light this modification would really be thoughtful. Overall I like the unit for what it is in the place it holds. There is room for improvement as I wish ecoflow could put the battery chemistry right. If they did It would be a much more outstanding product than it already is. The pass thru ac, interface choices, no brick, clean clear interface, smart charging, rugged feel, and software upgradability are all top notch. In the product lineup this is the best value especially considering the expansion cell as it enables me flexibility to configure and use as I have need. Other products create a unit designed for a couple specific use cases. Ecoflow river pro has the capability, capacity, and options that let me adapt IT to MY changing use needs which greatly increases its value to me especially as a product type intended to fill a needs gap.

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