EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery, 2016Wh Capacity, Expand DELTA Max(1600/2000) up to 5644/6048Wh, Fast Charging, Extra Battery for Home…

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  • [Extra 2016Wh Capacity] – Expand DELTA Max’s capacity up to 6048Wh with two DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries, giving you more backup power during emergencies.
  • [Customizable Power] – Add up to two extra batteries to the DELTA Max portable power station, making it a perfect outdoor generator for camping or off-grid travel.
  • [Charge Up In Less Than 2 Hours] – Charge the DELTA Max battery power station and an extra battery in less than 2 hours.
  • [Multiple Ways To Charge] – DELTA Max is more than a solar power station, charge up with an AC wall outlet, a car, or the EcoFlow Smart Generator.
  • [Power Almost Anything] – A power generator that can power 99% of your devices and supports up to 15 devices at the same time.
  • [What’s In The Box] – 1. DELTA MAX Smart Extra Battery, 2. DELTA Max Extra Battery Cable, 3. User manual. You’ll also get a 24 month guarantee from EcoFlow and friendly customer support whenever you need it.

, EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery, 2016Wh Capacity, Expand DELTA Max(1600/2000) up to 5644/6048Wh, Fast Charging, Extra Battery for Home…, 1599, USD,

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3 reviews for EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery, 2016Wh Capacity, Expand DELTA Max(1600/2000) up to 5644/6048Wh, Fast Charging, Extra Battery for Home…

  1. Jose Santiago

    Had a large gas-guzzling Honda 7000/12000-watt generator that didn’t have an electric start and was too loud to run in my current housing development. Not to mention it was a bear to set up and startup. Chronic back pain prohibits and limits my ability to set up and run this outdated and inefficient solution. So, I did some homework and found the ECOflow product line. I already owned the ECOFlow delta and using it as a temporary solution to keep my fridge, microwave and a few lights going during a power outage. Then ECOflow introduced the Delta Max and Delta Pro. I decided to purchase the Delta Max and 2ea additional smart batteries. My reason for this was product weight, product foot print and cost. The Delta Max solution was easy for me to move/transport and setup. At around 50 lbs or less for each module, I can easily move and setup this solar powered generator solution without wrenching my back. I now have a quiet, efficient Backup power during those unexpected power outages. With just the Delta Max I had around 4 hours of battery backup run-time. I am talking about powering every thing in my home except those devices that require 2-phase power. With 2 additional smart batteries I now expanded my capacity to 6kWh and have roughly 12 hours of runtime. I purchased 4ea Ecoflow 110 watt solar panels and plan to build a portable frame to put them in my front yard to charge up the batteries using solar power. In addition, I purchased a Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter generator that weights around 47 Lbs. It’s light and easy to move around. It’s very quiet and extremely gas efficient. I use it to charge up the solar generator batteries when there is not enough sun light. I live in the PNW so it’s not the sunniest place in the USA especially during the winter months. The Delta Max has a smartphone application that connects via bluetooth that I use to determine my power consumption, run-time remaining and many other aspects for controlling the solar generator environment, including doing firmware updates as required. One neat feature of the application is that I can control how much power the solar generators demands of the gas generator while recharging the batteries. The solar generator can demand as much as 1800 watts of power during a charge cycle. I like to limit this to 1300 watts. This lowers gas consumption and noise on the gas generator during a charge cycle. The Delta Max has the ability to provide 3400W of power with ease using X-Boost technology. This allows the concurrent use of power hungry device like microwave, fridge, heater, dish washer. ect… You can use the application to stay at or below the 3400W limitations. For me it was easly achieved. I even keep my bidets powered during power outages. I just put them in low power consumption mode. Do your homework and be smart. Determine your wattage requirements for all of the items you want to power up during a power outage and then determine the worst case aggregate power requirements and you’ll be able to determine what devices can run concurrently using the Delta Max during a prolonged power outage.

    Use this link to purchase a cable to connect the Delta max to your existing Generator power transfer switch:

    I really like and am impressed with the products that ECOflow manufacture. I am very tech savvy and a DYI guy so it wasn’t hard for me to research and integrate this product for a reliable and safe electrical backup solution. I haven’t had any issues using this solution during several outages since installing it. I haven’t had the need to call their tech support so I can’t comment on there abilities to support the product. I did my homework thought and it seems that they have their stuff together for good customer service and support.

  2. Fletch

    This is my second EcoFlow product, the Delta Max Smart Extra batteries (to 6048Wh) when connected to the Delta Max 2000. A great combo to meet my goals for emergency backup. The display is bright and clear, and quick charging. Easy to set up and connect. The unit is light enough to carry where needed. The quality is solid. Well done EcoFlow.

  3. john

    First off I just want to say Ecoflow max with the added battery is a sufficient power system to run 90% of my home on eight separate circuits. All the circuits are 20 A and with everything turned on running at once he can run my whole home without any external power source for 11 hours, that is absolutely amazing considering this is a battery and not any type of fossil fuel generator! I did purchase some 10 AWG cable and connect my MC four connectors to it to run to 1000 W of solar that I have outside. With the solar plugged in in a moderately sunny day I can be off grid for as long as I want! The only limiting factor is the ability to run any type of 220 V appliances. That is OK because most of my appliances are 110 and or gas/propane. The set up and warranty registration of these products were extremely easy utilizing the EcoFlow website and the EcoFlow app is equally good. It allows me to see the current usage input in output from my solar panels and what I am using in the house at the same time. I can regulate the power I use accordingly to increase the amount of time I have in battery storage. This is amazing technology and I cannot wait for the Ecoflow pro to be available so I will have the capability of running 220 V with two of these combined. Once that happens this will be a great tool for any prepper, homesteading, camping and outdoor fun. These things are light enough to carry around anywhere you need to go and powerful enough to power what you need. The other thing I like is that while you’re driving you can have these charging from your vehicle with the included DC 12 V plug to top them off if need be. I would highly recommend getting the EcoFlow max and an added battery or two if you really want to get serious. I’m extremely happy with the purchase and I will be purchasing more in the future from Ecoflow. They have great customer service and great support! PS, I also saved the foam packaging and used it to set my EcoFlow battery on instead of just putting it on the concrete it makes a great pad for the battery!

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