ECO-WORTHY 3.2KWH 800W Solar Panel Kit System for Home House: 4pcs 195W Solar Panels + 1pc All-in-one Solar Charger Inverter + 2pcs 100Ah Lithium…

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  • [Output Power]: The premium and complete solar panel kit daily output generate 3.2kwh per day under 4 hours full sunshine. Suitable for fan,lights, TV, small refrigerator, etc.
  • [Durable Solar Panel]: 195W monocrystalline solar panel with high quality frame, which has excellent performance in various weather, and tempered glass panel for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades.
  • [Great Backup Supply]: The hybrid solar charger inverter, composed of 3000W 24V pure sine wave and 80A charge controller, space saving, easy installation. Double-charging mode from off-grid&on-grid, meet your entirety of the electricity demand, For RV, boats, sheds, and houses, is a great backup energy choice.
  • [Updated Lithium Battery]: The lithium battery has a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) that can protect it from overcharging, deep discharge, overload, overheating and short circuit, and low self-discharge rate.
  • [Warranty]: 1 year warranty and 24/7 technical support team, call ECO-WORTHY hotline whatever any question or concern you have.

, ECO-WORTHY 3.2KWH 800W Solar Panel Kit System for Home House: 4pcs 195W Solar Panels + 1pc All-in-one Solar Charger Inverter + 2pcs 100Ah Lithium…, 2179.99, USD,

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Part Number



‎800W with Lithium Battery & Z




‎Monocrystalline Silicon

Amperage Capacity

‎60 Amps

Maximum Power

‎100 Watts

3 reviews for ECO-WORTHY 3.2KWH 800W Solar Panel Kit System for Home House: 4pcs 195W Solar Panels + 1pc All-in-one Solar Charger Inverter + 2pcs 100Ah Lithium…

  1. C. Lamsfuss

    I purchased this so I would not have to run a sub panel out to my barn, which would cost a lot more than this system. It does a great job keeping up with 10 – 4′ LED lights and a small refrigerator.

    Not that we are entering the winter months and there is less sun it seems to be holding its own. Next Summer I will really tax the system by adding a few box fans for horses.

    The 110 is run to a breaker panel and does a great job powering all that I need.

    Only down side is the lack of good installation directions but was easily able to figure it out with the product images on the product page.

  2. Panda

    I am no expert and have very little experience in electrical but with fantastic support from the seller, I was able to easily build out 4 of these systems (after my initial confusion on the first).

    I think the key is a good volt meter (they never lie). This is how mine are setup: Make sure that your solar panels are coming in at 40v to the converter, then your battery bank are testing at/around 24v at each series and at the terminal before trying to turn on your system.

    For my application, I did have to purchase some 10/12 gauge terminal ends to connect the solar panels to the converter but no biggie.

    I found it a little confusing wiring the panels to the converter but the seller sent over a diagram and it worked. Still don’t understand it though…

    Out of 4 systems (24 batteries) I did receive one bad battery. The seller has been nothing but helpful and I am more than confident they will replace the bad battery.

    My only hold up on buying these systems were the reviews on the customer service but I only experienced great support from this seller.

    Overall, great value for the money spent, great product.

  3. zackary bowlin

    So I got the product quickly. I set everything up and the batteries produced electricity fine, the problem was the solar panels aren’t charging the batteries so once they got low I no longer had electricity it took about two days of minimal use(only having a fan and an led light on as little as possible) to deplete what little charge the batteries came with. The equipment couldn’t even recognize that solar was connected. I will say they have been pretty good about replying to my email and trying to help/ sending replacement parts. I’ve received 3 different inverter/charge controllers from them and still it’s not working. I bought this instead of getting electricity hooked up which has left me without electricity in the heat of the summer I worry about my animals and not being able to keep my place cool enough for them. At this point I’m starting to regret purchasing this at all. My rating and review is subject to change if somehow they help me get it to start produce electricity. But I’m close to asking for a refund and getting grid power hooked up instead.

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