BLUETTI PV200 200W Solar Panel for AC200P/EB70/EB55/AC50S Portable Power Stations with Adjustable Kickstand, Foldable Solar Power Backup, Off-Grid…

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  • 【HIGHER CONVERSION RATE】 BLUETTI PV200 is a 200-Watt monocrystalline solar panel with a higher conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%, compared with the market average 20%~23%. It will produce more kilowatt-hours of electricity in the available area, and performs better even in low-light conditions.
  • 【DURABLE & SPLASHPROOF】 With long-lasting ETFE material on the surface, it becomes more hard-wearing and scratch-resistant, while the IP65 waterproof standard makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking. (Please do not soak it in the water.)
  • 【WIDELY COMPATIBLE】 The versatile PV200 solar panel is equipped with the MC4 connector and is designed to be compatible with most solar generators on the market, especially works well with BLUETTI AC200P/EB240/EB150/EB55/EB70/AC50S/EP500 power stations.
  • 【FOLDABLE & PORTABLE】 With a folded size of 23.2 x 24.8 inches and 16.1 lbs of weight, the BLUETTI PV200 is convenient to carry around and easy to be set up for anyone anywhere.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 1 x BLUETTI PV200 200W solar panel (with 120 inches cable + MC4 connector, adjustable kickstand), 1 x User Manual.

, BLUETTI PV200 200W Solar Panel for AC200P/EB70/EB55/AC50S Portable Power Stations with Adjustable Kickstand, Foldable Solar Power Backup, Off-Grid…, 424, USD,

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Item Weight

‎16.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎23.2 x 24.8 x 3 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number





‎Monocrystalline Silicon


‎200 watts

Maximum Power

‎200 Watts

Included Components

‎Solar Panel, MC4 Connector + Cable (120''), Adjustable Kickstand

Batteries Required


Warranty Description

‎24-Month Warranty

3 reviews for BLUETTI PV200 200W Solar Panel for AC200P/EB70/EB55/AC50S Portable Power Stations with Adjustable Kickstand, Foldable Solar Power Backup, Off-Grid…

  1. ziggy29

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     Living on the Oregon coast, we are putting together a solar generation system as a partial “solution” for a potential Cascadia earthquake/tsunami event that could leave us “in the dark” for weeks or even months. We decided to go primarily with Bluetti products. The first pieces of the puzzle are an EB150 sogen (AC300/B300 coming later) and one PV200 solar panel. These are all we have now, these two pieces. But a couple days ago I decided to test out what we had.

    It was about 60F and mostly sunny skies when we tested this, on October 2 at about 46N latitude. Once I figured out to move these around (fold one panel over, carry the panel on either side, move around) and set the kickstands to a 45 degree angle (the sun was lower in the sky but this was intended to be a “quick and dirty” test) in a place where the panel was in full sun, facing south southeast at 11:30 AM.

    I know that under close to ideal conditions, you may get 80% efficiency (that is, for every 100 watts the panel is rated for, you may get 80 watts of usable output). You may get a bit more under really ideal conditions and positioning; often you may get a fair bit less. Once I hooked it up and put into the EB150’s input, I could see a very impressive input coming in, usually 155-160 watts — and that was without a lot of fine tuning to peak it! The video is a short clip to show what I was getting.

    Also I tested partial shading, and unlike many other panels where the entire panel/array can lose almost everything with a little bit of shade, these don’t. They have four sections wired in parallel, so if one of them is shaded, the other three still produce well.

    These panels are expensive — these are not intended for long term permanent installation (you want rigid panels for those). But for camping, for RVing, boondocking, or just occasional emergency use when you don’t need solar panels out all the time, it looks like these are doing a wonderful job. If I need to update over time, I will do so, but my initial impression of the performance of these panels is very good.

  2. Amazonshopper0702

    I bought this to charge our Jackery “Explorer 1000” when the hard mounted panel on our rooftop tent is shaded or blocked. Overall I am happy with it. I chose this panel vs Jackery’s 100w foldable panel for a few major reasons.

    The Positives: At the time of purchase this panel was a better value at dollars per watts + rated 20 watts more than Jackery’s panel – has standard MC4 plug ends – folds down into a smaller footprint vs Jackery’s – The BIGGEST plus is that the cells are wired in parallel, which means any shading or partial blocked panels will NOT totally cut production of all the panels like it would with Jackery’s that are wired in series.

    The Negatives – it is longer than the Jackery when unfolded. This panel is quite heavy at 12+lbs. The weight actually shocked me the most.

    When plugged into the Jackery Explorer 1000 on a clear sunny SoCal Day in October I was able to pull in 105+/- watts. It took roughly 6-1/2 minutes on average to raise the Jackery one % point at that wattage input. (with nothing else drawing power from the Jackery) So this panel would roughly raise the Jackery from 80 to 100% in a little over 2 hours at that wattage input. (On a hazy sunny November day I pulled in 95-98 watts)

    The materials & panels seem to be sturdy and of high quality. The 3 adjustable feet on the back of the panels seem to work well and are easy to adjust. The ten feet of 14 AWG wire (would have preferred larger 12 AWG wire) stores easily in the zippered pocket. Other reviewers have complained about this panel not being able to be left out in the rain. With no USBs ports I feel this panel will be less prone to water / moisture ingress… but with such poor energy production during a rain storm why risk the damage?

    Again, I am happy with this panel overall. It will see a lot of use this winter 2021-22 camping season and will update this review with any issues or further observations that may be important to share with potential buyers. Hope this review helps!

  3. Tom Amberg

    First, I’m using this panel with a Goal Zero Yeti 1000x, so to connect the two, an adaptor is required. I’m using a AYECEHI Solar Adapter Cable ( which seems to work well. Check out my review on that page to see how to configure that cable to plug into the Yeti.

    Second, my initial testing shows that this solar panel indeed works even if partially shaded. Where other panels won’t generate any power if a fraction of the panel is shielded, this panel only reduces power by the fraction of it that’s in the shade.

    Third, it appears to be *very* well built, for a portable, lightweight unit. And the panels are ETFE, so it. should be more tolerant to unexpected brief exposure to the elements. I’m hoping its solid plastic handle is suitable for an anti-theft cable, to keep it from “walking away from the campsite….

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