BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station 716Wh/800W Solar Generator LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 4 110V AC Outlets, 2 100W USB-C, Regulated 12V, Emergency…

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  • 【POWER FOR OFF GRID】With a massive capacity of 716Wh and 800W rated power, this EB70S portable power station can provide enough juice to power up to 12 devices simultaneously for hours. Making it an ideal portable generator to power almost all of your essentials on the road or during a power outage.
  • 【PREMIUM LiFePO4 BATTERY】The ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery chemistry and the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) massively improve the battery’s safety level while offering BLUETTI EB70S solar generator 2500+ charge cycles before reaching its 80% capacity.
  • 【4 x PURE SINE WAVE AC OUTLETS】EB70S features 4 * 110V AC outlets for many home/outdoor appliances under 800W (surge 1400W), while this Pure Sine Wave inverter can protect sensitive devices like laptops, CPAP by producing clean & stable electricity.
  • 【200W MAX INPUT】Advanced MPPT technology ensures EB70S a higher PV recharging rates. With a max input power of 200W, this solar generator can be fully recharged by solar panels within 4.5 hrs. It can also get fully recharged from an AC wall outlet in 4-4.5 hrs or a 12V car port in 7-8 hrs.
  • 【24-MONTH WARRANTY】BLUETTI offers you 24 months of product guarantee and high-quality customer service. Inside the box: 1 * BLUETTI EB70S 716Wh Portable Power Station, 1 * AC Adapter & Charging Cable, 1 * Car Charging Cable, 1 * Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 to MC4), 1 * User Manual.

, BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station 716Wh/800W Solar Generator LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 4 110V AC Outlets, 2 100W USB-C, Regulated 12V, Emergency…, 599, USD,

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Part Number


Item Weight

‎21.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches



Power Source

‎‎Wall Outlet, Solar Panel, Car, Generator


‎110 Volts


‎700 watts

Included Components

‎1*Car Charging Cable, 1*Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 Male to MC4), 1*User Manual, 1*AC Adapter & Cable, EB70S Power Station (Carmine), 1*Warranty Card

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Warranty Description

‎2 Years

3 reviews for BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station 716Wh/800W Solar Generator LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 4 110V AC Outlets, 2 100W USB-C, Regulated 12V, Emergency…

  1. Loup-Garou

    This product had the potential to be an awesome solar generator. I rate this EB70 just below great. I took a chance because I wanted a portable, longer lasting, mid-range phosphate (LiFePO4) solar generator. I read reviews and watch the reviews on YouTube and still decided to purchase the EB70. I was able to purchase below $500.00 so I took a chance.

    It’s all true: the adapter fan runs for ever and ever and ever while charging and when not charging???? you have to physically unplug from wall socket to get it to stop. The individual DC/AC on/off lights are the size of a pin head????? What useful purpose does that serve??? The display info is simplistic and minimal?? The display does not have its own on/off button.?? The display backlight turns off quickly. Don’t turn your eyes away or you’ll miss it.

    If they fix (upgrade) these issues I believe they will have a real winner that will be hard to beat These fixes (upgrades) will not help me and others who have purchased this product. However, Bluetti should seriously consider a swap program if they fix (upgrade) these issues with those of us who have purchased this first (flawed) version. This would go a very long way to promote Bluetti as a customer oriented company who stands by their products.

    I will update this review when I put the EB70 through some paces. NUFF said!!

    Update: My Bluetti EB70 has turned out better than expected. Took some getting used too but overall I do recommend. I run my TV, cable box and wifi router during power-outage(s) and it lasts for several hours.

    Update: Bluetti is upgrading the new EB70 with recommendations made here and by others. Can’t wait. Nuff said.

  2. Ray Pabs

    The lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) attribute is the main reason to buy this solar generator, it is among today’s newest battery technology available. I like the dimensions of this solar generator in terms of length, width and depth. While it is not light by weight, it does feel solidly built and can fit into the foot wells of my compact SUV and pickup truck.

    Very rarely do I purchase anything from Amazon without the advantage of being able to return it if I am not satisfied with the product but I took the leap of faith on this solar generator and it has been a challenge. I am a home contractor and my intended use for this unit was to power my Alpicool refrigerator LGT60 in my pickup truck in order to keep my beverages and food cool all the time. Because of the poorly designed information screen, the charge state is always a guessing game. My next grip is that the ac or dc buttons can accidentally cut the power to your devices when you try to view the information screen. The later has inadvertently turned off many times my 12volt refrigerator and ruined my food and dairy products. My third con with this EB70 is that the 110v ac power charging brick is so noisy.

    Overall, the hassle of guessing whether it is on to power my fridge and determining if it needs my assistance in recharging really stressed me out because I am constantly concerned and checking on the unit instead of focusing on my work. I purchased this from an Amazon seller and was under the impression that is non-refundable from the start. It has potential to be the best solar generator for the money after they improve it. The fixes for this product are probably simple. First, improve the information screen. Second, have a dedicated button to display the information screen or install Bluetooth so users can monitor usage. Thirdly, install a quality quiet fan to cool the110v charger and program it to stop or slow down once the eb70 is fully charged.

    My attached photo depicts a depleted eb70 after it powered my Alpicool LGT60 set to 32 degree with an overnight ambient temperature of 70 degrees. The eb70 went from 80% at 7pm to empty by the time I went into my truck at 7am in the morning.

    Updated 8/25/2021:
    Bluetti support reached out to me and they are trying their best to resolve my issues with this eb70 unit. I will update this review once we reach a resolution.

    Updated 9/25/2021:
    I was tossed around by different customer service representatives (or probably the same person with just different names) over the period of almost two months trying to figure out a resolution; I had literally given up and stopped using this product. Most reps were really not helpful but in the end, Katherine took charge of my problems and they agreed to replace my unit. She spent a lot of time troubleshooting and communicating with me to find resolutions when the others would not. I give two stars for the product so far and an additional two stars for quality customer service from Bluetti. I hope that my unit was simply defective and that a replacement would not mean a waste of money on my part.

  3. DA Rodgers

    The Bluetti EB70 is the perfect size for camping trips. My wife uses a CPAP machine to sleep well so it is necessary even when we are tent camping. We used to take a 500 wh unit with us and it kind of worked, but all we could use it for was the CPAP and it always ran out of power a little before we wanted to wake up. We bought the 700 watt, 716 watt-hour Bluetti EB70 to replace that older unit and it works perfectly. In the morning it still has 40% of the battery left, allowing us to use it for other things like charging our phones, LED lights and powering our laptop computer. For multiple nights, we have two 100 watt solar panels that charge the EB70 from near zero to full in about 5 hours, or from 40% to full in just three hours of full sun.

    I connect the two 100w panels in parallel (through a parallel connector I added) and the EB70 says it gets about 136 watts while charging in full sun. Our panels are rated with a Voc of 21.6v, Vpm of 17.3v, Ipm 5.78a and Isc of 6.13a. Connected in parallel, this would result in Vpm of 17.3v and Ipm of 11.56a, BUT, the EB70 limits the charging current to 8 amps. It’s so much fun to use power that you know was captured free and clean, directly from the sun.

    The device comes with a 120v charger (25.2V, 8A for the absolute maximum charging speed) and the cables necessary to charge it optionally through a 12V car cigarette lighter and a solar panel. Only one charging source can be connected at a time. The charger is an efficient MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

    Both the 120v charger and the EB70 itself have cooling fans. During charging (and discharging above about 300 watts) the EB70 cooling fan turns on. It’s quiet enough for me and I would rather have a unit that has a reasonable fan that only turns on at higher wattages because it’s going to ensure the generator lasts a lot longer. Considering that, the fan inside the EB70 is very reasonable in my view. It is rare that we will ever use this unit at 300 watts or above so I had to pack it up with high wattage devices just to test the fan. For our normal discharge usage, the fan never turns on, making the unit totally silent.

    The EB70 is made with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries which have much longer life and are a little safer than the older batteries used in older designs. The switch to LiFePo4 batteries follows a welcome trend that Bluetti started last year with their AC200P.

    The EB70 has multiple DC outputs and 4 110-120VAC outlets. The outputs are enabled as a group by a small lighted switch. I found that the LED on these switches is very hard to see in full sunlight outdoors. The AC inverter only runs when the AC switch is turned on. Two of the AC outlets can be 3-prong and two outlets only have two prongs. In fact, even the three-prong-capable outlets are not grounded. Because the unit is portable, it doesn’t have an earth ground, so there is nothing to connect the ground prong to. That’s the nature of any portable power source. However, all of the AC outlets are polarized for safety. I measured 110 VAC on these AC outlets. Of course, this is fine for any 110-120 VAC devices and appliances that require 700 watts or less.

    The DC outputs include two USB-C ports (100 watts each to easily power laptop computers and fast charging phones), two USB-A ports (5V, 3A), two round ports (12V regulated, 10A) one cigarette lighter port (12V regulated, 10A), and one 15w wireless charging pad on the top surface. The wireless charging pad is powerful enough to charge my Google Pixel 5 phone right through its Otter Box protective case (I love that!). I measured 13.3 volts on the 12V regulated outputs, which I understand is normal when no current is flowing.

    In addition to all that, the EB70 also has a very bright flashlight built into the front face that has two brightness levels and a third level that automatically flashes the Morse Code “SOS” signal. The light is perfect for getting the CPAP set up at bedtime.

    Finally, the front face contains a color graphical display of the charge state of the battery, the current input wattage and the current combined output wattage.

    The device includes a hideaway folding carrying handle. I didn’t think I would like this kind of handle from the look in the pictures but now that I’ve used it for a while I really like it. It feels very solid.

    Overall I think the Bluetti EB70 is a very well designed and solidly built solar generator with a great feature set using long lasting batteries. It’s perfect for our needs.

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