BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup Solar Generator with 4 AC Outlets, 100W USB-C (Solar Panel Optional)…

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  • 【POWER ANYWHERE】 The special EB55 (Autumn edition) comes with a strong 700W AC inverter, 537Wh of high capacity, and 13 versatile outlets. All premium features are packed in this compact autumn-orange case, making it ideal for your holiday activities and outdoor adventures.
  • 【2500+ FULL LIFE CYCLES】 The durable LiFePO4 battery cell and advanced Battery Management System (BMS) offers multi-levels of protection — no need to worry about overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, etc. 2500+ life cycles to 80% is 3-5 times longer than average Li-ion battery.
  • 【UP TO 400W INPUT POWER】 EB55 features 2 input ports — with 200W AC input + solar input, it can accept up to 400W of recharging power, and cost less than 2 hours to be fully recharged. You can also get the 400W of max power by using dual AC adapters (the 2nd adapter needs buying separately).
  • 【13 OUTLETS FOR ALL NEEDS】 Equipped with 4 x AC outlets, 1 x 100W Type-C, 4 x USB-A, 1 x Regulated 12V/10A car port, 2 x 12V/10A DC ports, and 1 x 15W wireless charging pad, this EB55 can power 13 devices simultaneously, for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 The package includes: 1 * BLUETTI EB55 700W/537Wh Portable Power Station, 1 * 200W AC Adapter & Charging Cable, 1 * Solar Charging Cable (MC4 to XT60-F), 1 * Car Charging Cable (Car to XT60-F), ), 1 * User Manual, 1 * 24-Month Warranty.

, BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup Solar Generator with 4 AC Outlets, 100W USB-C (Solar Panel Optional)…, 499, USD,

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Part Number


Item Weight

‎16.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 inches


‎Vibrant Orange

Power Source

‎Wall Outlet, Solar Panel, Car, Generator


‎110 Volts (AC)


‎700 watts

Battery Cell Type


3 reviews for BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup Solar Generator with 4 AC Outlets, 100W USB-C (Solar Panel Optional)…

  1. Thomas W.

    I bought the EB55 to complement my ac200p, that I love. I needed something lighter, more mobile that could keep all my electronics charged and make me a pot of coffee while I go camping :).

    My first test camping it kept my fridge running through the night and recharged during the day easily from my sp200 panel that took in at its highest 156 watts. Woke up to more than enough power to make a pot of coffee also.

    -Extremely easy to use
    -Best value on the market with a 700 watt output
    -Long battery life
    -Light weight for me to take camping

    -The display! This thing would have been perfect if it had a display button, instead you have to hit one of the power on buttons to view the display. Also you can’t see the exact percent of current battery charge, it’s at increments of 20% 0-20-40-60-80-100 which I don’t like if I am draining power fast.
    -The last thing I wish I could change would be the 8 amp limit for the solar input. It makes it harder to achieve the 200 watt input limit.

    Overall I would recommend this to anyone that wants a compact portable power station that they can take with them pretty much anywhere and keep their electronics charged.

  2. Kathleen L. Marsh

    My first Bluetti product! As a retired electrical engineer, I tried to summarize what everyone wants to know:
    +Hard cardboard outer shipping box and well designed product box gave fantastic shipping protection (and looked great!)
    +Quality of unit is outstanding. Fit/finish, buttons/connectors and LED display are all of high quality and work well
    +Easy to carry around (folding handle, stows to allow stacking flat items on top of unit); however, it is not a “light-weight” box
    +LiFePO4 batteries! Long battery life (and the best cycle life of any battery chemistry)
    +Double charging input capability (200W wall brick and 160W solar); can also charge from your vehicle’s cig lighter port while driving
    +Bluetti put the very capable EB70 700/1400W full-sine inverter in this box. It was capable of running my small refridg/freezer (which has a 6.5 FLA/780W rating) for over 4 hours (87W running) or that fridge plus my eBike charger for 2+ hours, total 270W)
    +100W USB-C charging port can power/charge USB-C input laptops
    +After discharging to 20% (fridge/eBike charger loads) I was able to fully recharge the EB55 in 2+ hours with 200W of solar panels at 102F ambient (if temps were cooler it would have been 1+ hour)
    +Finally, the “lantern” light is MUCH more usable than the “flashlight” variety on other SoGens (Solar Generators, a term trademarked by Hobotech, excellent reviews AND purchasing discounts:

    -IF you need
    … over 700W continuous AC power (you’ll likely need a larger battery pack as well, e.g. EB150, EB240 or AC200P)
    … over 500Wh capacity (buy a larger-capacity battery, e.g. EB70 at 700Wh or any of those mentioned above)
    … to know the exact amount of charge left on the battery, the LED display does not show % of charge directly, it just has a 5-bar display (20% each bar); if you never discharge below ~20% then no big deal
    … two 100W USB-C ports (buy the EB70!)
    … silent charging (AC brick fan runs continuously, MPPT solar charge controller runs the internal fans)
    -You can’t use a residential/business solar panel since the VOC of those panels is too high for the EB55 solar input; just get ~200W of a standard “12V” hard panel (e.g. BOUGERV 200w) or a suitcase/folding type (Renogy 200W/Bluetti SP200-do not use the charge controllers provided on these, wire straight from the solar panels!)

    Highly recommended if your loads/capacities are within the limits of the box. This will last you a LONG time and Bluetti is very responsive to issues/warranty (likely will never need service!)
    Instruction booklet error: LCD SCREEN GUIDE “How to operate on power station to turn ON/OFF ECO Mode/and change the working frequency” section appears to have been copied directly from the EB70. To enter the settings mode you press the AC and [lower USB!] DC buttons, EB70 only has one DC power button, EB55 has two-the USB DC switch is the one to use to enter/set the menu.
    Finally I recommend you join the “Bluetti Portable Power Station” Facebook group. You may have a question that others are thinking about (or has already been answered)!

  3. jay

    i have been looking for a mid level sogen for awhile now, all of them are either slow charging speed or not liFePO4 chem, the bluetti eb55 at the price its the best of its class. its better than eb70 because of the dual input charging port at 400w and has the same pure sine inverter. a little less capacity at 537Wh but its lighter and more portable and the eb70. i love the eb70 too but i needed a much faster charging for the things im planning to do. some people complain about the display for having 5 battery bars and not the actual percentage but i dont really care about that. i love the simplicity of it. it is bright even with direct sunlight, they also changed the button lights to make it brighter. it has a diffused light at the back with sos function. it also has a 15w wireless charging at the top. a 100w usb type c port. 4 usb A, 700w pure sine inverter. i can use 600w-700w coffee maker, rice cooker, and much more! if you are on a budget and you need a mid level sogen that is light and very portable, then this is the right one for you! van life, camping, hiking, or even going off-grid! for the charging inputs the left one you can do 12v-28v solar panels and the ac charger on the right one at 25v-28v with a total of 400w! you can even use 2 ac chargers but you have to buy another one and a xt60 adapter.

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