BLUETTI B230 Battery Module, 2048Wh LiFePO4 Power Station, Expandable Power for AC200MAX/AC200P/EB240/EB150 Solar Generator with 100W PD USB…

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  • [LiFePO4 Battery Module] B230 comes with a 2048Wh lithium phosphate battery, has nearly 5 times the lifespan of the average battery cells. With its compact size & built-in handle, you can move around it easily or fit it into your van for off-grid life.
  • [Expand BLUETTI Power] Your AC200MAX/AC200P/AC200 supports up to 2 x B230 battery packs, which can double or triple the original capacity. * For connecting AC200/P, please purchase the cable adapter separately from the seller. *
  • [Standalone Power Station] More than just an external battery, B230 has its own outputs, including 1 x 100W USB-C, 1 x 18W USB, and 1 x 12V regulated car port. Make it easy to charge your road trip essentials, and it supports pass-through charging.
  • [Flexible Recharging] B230 can be charged individually with the BLUETTI 500W AC wall charger (sold separately or from the AC200P/AC200MAX’s package.) You can also solar/car charge this B230 through the D050S charging enhancer (sold separately).
  • [What’s in the Box] 1 x BLUETTI B230 power station/battery module, 1 x P090A Extension Cable (Used to connect AC200MAX), 1 x User Manual, 1 x 24-Month Warranty. (500W power adapter not included.)

, BLUETTI B230 Battery Module, 2048Wh LiFePO4 Power Station, Expandable Power for AC200MAX/AC200P/EB240/EB150 Solar Generator with 100W PD USB…, 1499, USD,

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Part Number


Item Weight

‎48 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎16.5 x 11 x 8.91 inches



Power Source

‎Wall Outlet, Solar Panel, Car, Generator


‎2048 watt_hours

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3 reviews for BLUETTI B230 Battery Module, 2048Wh LiFePO4 Power Station, Expandable Power for AC200MAX/AC200P/EB240/EB150 Solar Generator with 100W PD USB…

  1. 626452435765

    When I pay $2000+ for a product, I expect it to work. All of it. Screen died in less than 24 hours. It was never dropped. Nothing hit it. Dog didn’t pee on it. Just dead. I’ve messaged Bluetti and am waiting on their response. I’m NOT happy with this trash.

    Edit: Bluetti never responded. I guess they can’t be bothered. Returning this trash. I NEED a power station that WORKS and don’t have time to play with a company that can’t even respond in a timely fashion.

    Edit2: Does Bluetti expect ME to pay return shipping for the defective product they sent me? Not happening.

    Edit3: I have received multiple emails. One from someone says they’re give me a refund. One from someone saying I’m getting a replacement. I’ve not gotten either. Now I’m out 2k and have nothing to show for it.

  2. Oneredstar

    This is not my first Bluetti and I can tell you it is probably not my last. We have the AC50S, it is a 500wHr- 300 watt, super portable, very compact power station. Some call it a Solar Generator, because you can charge this for free with the sun. We have been so happy with this little generator, when I learned about the AC200P, I put one in my Amazon cart, then I got an email from Bluetti about the MAX. BOOM!
    I could not order this fast enough… the MAX has a TT-30 amp RV outlet! Now we are talking about a truly functional device to help my wife and I enjoy off the grid , boondocking time in our RV. AC200 is a 2048 watt beautiful solar generator. You can plug your RV into this and be able to use appliances, ie. coffee maker, coffee grinder, microwave, instapot, fan, watch TV, Blueray, radio, lights, charge cell phone, laptop, TWS earbuds, the list goes on and on.

    I haven’t even tried everything yet, but really great power pack.

    Here is the thing, I had read on Facebook and some Reviews that some units came from Maxoak manufacturing with the black and white, (Hot and Neutral) wires switched on the RV outlet. This is commonly referred to as “Reversed Polarity “

    In some cases this can be a very dangerous condition, the current from the MAX feeding to the neutral side of the 120 volt system of your RV can result in some appliances or even the whole RV being electrified. If you touch the appliance and any part of the RV you might get a shock. I was concerned when I discovered that I had purchased one of the units that have the reversed 30amp outlet.

    I went to the website and found out that I need to contact customer support at I emailed Bluetti and told them I had this MAX with the outlet with reversed polarity. I asked them what can we do to correct this?

    The next day I received a reply from Customer Service asking me for serial number and order number. Carina and then Helen have sent me several emails detailing my options . They explained that if I felt comfortable with opening the unit and switching the wires myself, they would send me a cable free of charge. Or if I wanted them to repair it they would send me a shipping label and I could send it to them in Nevada, free of charge, they would fix it and send it back in about 2 weeks.

    I am telling you this customer service team is wonderful. They are helpful and courteous and understanding. I didn’t want to ship my MAX anywhere, but I was a little nervous about opening the case and maybe breaking it, they sent me YouTube links with detailed instructions.

    I have not fixed it yet because I am on vacation. But I will and I’ll let you know how it went.

    I cannot say enough good things about Bluetti power units and their support team.

    I have to tell you, one of the coolest tricks I did with the MAX, I got my coffee pot ready for morning, turned it on and plugged it into the MAX. There is a Bluetooth app, when my alarm woke me the next morning I opened the AC200MAX app on my phone, turned on the AC power and my coffee pot started brewing!!!!

    I will be able to charge all my electronics withe the power of the sun, I am so excited to have this, my second Bluetti Power Station!!

    Buy Bluetti, promote Bluetti, use Bluetti.


  3. Two Hawks

    I would have given this product five stars if not for the reversed Polarity on the 30A RV plug. This is an awesome product, but Buletti really needs to fix this issue! My unit was plagued with the issue also. Did not make me a happy camper. I will see what I can do about getting this problem corrected because I do plan on using it.

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