ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel – Foldable Solar Charger Monocrystalline with 20A MPPT Charger Controller 5V USB Output for 12V…

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  • ☀️【MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR CELL】 With premium PET films achieving light penetration rate of 95%, A-grade monocrystalline solar cells feature the fastest charging speed possible with an energy conversion efficiency of up to 21%.
  • ☀️【SUPERIOR PORTABILITY】 With a robust carrying handle, this foldable solar panel is only 7.9kg and can be packed down to 1/8 of its full size and comes with 8 stitched loops as an added bonus for use if you make up some hooks when it gets windy.
  • ☀️【HASSLE FREE RECONNECTING】 This portable solar panel by ATEM POWER is engineered with the auto-optimization function for immediate reconnection when sunlight returns after charging interruption.
  • ☀️【ULTIMATE PROTECTION】 Getting 20% more energy harvesting than a PWM controller, the MPPT controller allows larger currents and the overcharging cut-off technology ensures ultra reliable performance of this solar panel.
  • ☀️【UNIVERSAL FITMENT】 This solar panel can charge AGM, lead acid, Gel, Calcium & LiFePO4 batteries and portable devices via USB port, and comes with 2 adaptor cables for 30A Anderson, aviation plug or DC connectors of various power stations.

, ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel – Foldable Solar Charger Monocrystalline with 20A MPPT Charger Controller 5V USB Output for 12V…, 289.99, USD,

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Item Weight

‎17.38 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎19.49 x 14.96 x 4.72 inches

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‎Monocrystalline Silicon

Amperage Capacity

‎30 Amps

Maximum Power

‎200 Watts

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3 reviews for ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel – Foldable Solar Charger Monocrystalline with 20A MPPT Charger Controller 5V USB Output for 12V…

  1. ss

    Had purchased another panel that I have been very happy with a different brand and controller, but not waterproof. Using that panel for portable/camping. In the meantime, I was looking for something that I could replace an older slower trickle charger that’s on the roof of the vehicle that doesn’t get driven as much anymore….decided to go with this one. The panel works well, but found that the controller was not working properly. Connected to the battery first and then the solar panel per all the instructions, the controller was not limiting the voltage output to the battery, it was trying to charge at 15.6~15.7volts. Super surprised…expecting it to regulate properly. After messing around with it for a while it finally settled down to 15.2V and was charging with ~1amp…, thought well I’ll keep a close eye on the battery and see if it switches to a float mode…NEVER happened….pulled it when it got the battery up to 15.0 V and said that’s it…. Didn’t want to kill a battery that is honestly only 6 months old.

    Used another controller I have that I know works properly with this new panel and worked very well, brought the battery up correctly and sat at a normal float voltage (not temp correction setup). Though, easy….just a bad/controller problem. Didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning/exchanging everything so provided what was done in the email and asked the seller to provide a new controller. Unfortunately they didn’t believe me and wanted photos showing full sun, with pictures of voltages on the meters on and on…I already spent a whole day messing around and didn’t wish to waste anymore time. Just decided to buy a new controller for 25 bucks …..disappointed the seller doesn’t trust the customer. I would have gladly sent back the old controller even. In any case, if the controller was more expensive I would have just exchanged the whole thing.

    If you are using this panel be sure to check the voltage output at the controller box terminals and batteries….make sure it’s working properly or might eventually will likely have a bad day. Also the controller doesn’t have any visual readouts, so another bummer there, you have to use your own meters/tools….unless this controller is trying to do some fancy equalization charge, seems to be excessive voltage for charging a 12v car/truck lead acid battery.

  2. Lexus

    Very happy with this solar panel. there are many convenient features that it comes with the whole thing folds up into a travel bag. comes with many accessories you’re able to charge not only small devices but you’re able to charge the solar panel through batteries or you can charge car batteries with it as well. the panel cells are made of very high quality which is awesome we had a smaller one but we needed something with bigger power capacity and this one is perfect because it’s huge it literally took up our whole room floor. I’m pretty sure you can use this with an RV you can use it with travel trailers you can use it as a camping charging accessory repair it with our solar generator and we’re able to have power all the time wherever we go very satisfied with this solar panel and I think it’s definitely worth the price.

  3. Dennis

    This is one of the higher wattage solar panel available that is portable. I really love that it can be folded into a suit case with a pocket to hold all the charging cable and controller.

    I got this primary to charge battery and my power stations. It came with the controller and battery clamps, and you can charge a car battery with it. I did have to buy adapters separately for the power station, but that was pretty cheap since it’s just cables and you don’t need a controller.

    The panel covers have a decent size footprint, about the size of a standard suv front windshield. It picks up tons of power from the sun and charges the battery quickly when I used in in the afternoon. I lay both battery and panels on the fake law, and it did get a bit hot. I think a better way is to put this on a table and put the battery under its shade. The panels can handle the heat, but it’s not good for the battery to get too hot in the sun.

    Overall this met my expectations and I’m charging solar power banks to use indoor. Better for the environment and better for my wallet.

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