Does having solar panels impact home values for renters in Australia? Discover surprising insights on the connection between solar renters and property value.

The impact of solar panels on home value has been a topic of research and debate. The 2024 Annual Sunwiz Australian PV Report provides valuable insights on this topic. In 2023, 4.6 GW of PV capacity was installed overall, bringing the nation’s total installed capacity to 33.7 GW according to Sunwiz. With rooftop PV recording its second-best year ever, it was a year of substantial growth. 

The 2024 Annual SunWiz Australian PV Report states that 0.9GW of business rooftop systems and a staggering 2.5GW of residential solar power were built in 2024, which is 0.2% and 4% less than the record year of 2021 (or 6.1 million average-sized solar panels).

The report analyses data from thousands of property sales and concludes that homes with solar panels sell for a premium compared to similar properties without them.

The exact premium varies depending on location, property type, and the size of the solar system. However, the Sunwiz report suggests an increase in value for properties with solar panels. This translates to a significant financial advantage for homeowners selling their property.

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