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The benefits of investing in a solar panel setup in the Philippines are clear. Installing a rooftop solar panel guarantees attractive financial returns. In the first 5 years, you achieve a return on investment (ROI). In the next 20 years, you profit. Going beyond profit, rooftop solar panel installation also plays a vital role in protecting the environment. 


The number of homeowners and business owners that want to go solar is increasing this 2022. However, there is very limited knowledge about the rooftop solar panel installation process itself. What kinds of solar panels should you choose? Where is the ideal location for your home? What rooftop solar panel size will you get? Continue reading as we walk you through the most important factors to know about rooftop solar panel installation. 


#1: Sunlight distribution on the roof 

#1: Sunlight distribution on the roof 

Anyone who’s intending to install a rooftop solar panel should check the sunlight distribution. Solar panels perform better in areas with wide sunlight coverage. If there are any trees that will shade the solar panels, it would be best to cut them to ensure the best solar harvest.  


 #2: Features of your roof

It’s critical to determine the features of your roof by installing a solar panel. Is it sturdy enough to carry the extra weight of solar panels? The distributed weight of 1 solar panel is about 20 kg. It’s best to consult a technician instead of estimating your roof capacity.

Is it made of materials that make rooftop solar panel installation easier? Metal roofing is the best roof type for installing solar panels because mounting brackets are only drilled into the trapezoidal protrusion of the roof, while wooden roofing is too brittle and presents a fire hazard. 

Keep in mind the efficiency of a solar panel can depend on the different features of your roof. Consider these things before installing a rooftop solar panel:

  • Roof material
  • Roof weight capacity 
  • Roof condition 
  • Roof pitch


#3: Choice of Installer 

#3: Choice of Installer 

Make sure you choose a reputable rooftop solar panel installer. High-quality rooftop solar panels can only be installed by a company that is backed by years of experience. Check if your installer of choice is trusted by satisfied clients and if they handle every factor of the rooftop solar panel installation such as logistics, procurement, and engineering components. 


#4: Define Your Savings Goals 


Define how much savings you want. Are you looking at saving 30% or 50%? Or, are you looking to achieve that Zero Bill

Different properties use power differently. There are some facilities that use power throughout the whole day. Some households have no one staying in their house during the day, which is why most power consumption happens at night. You can analyze your power consumption patterns. 

Once you calculate your daily kWh power needs, just divide it by the Peak Sun Hours of your location. Get the kW output. From there, you will know how many solar panels you need and design a system that achieves your savings goals. 


Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve just shown you the factors to know about rooftop solar panel installation. Going solar is a great journey and it opens more opportunities such as greater property value, zero electric bills, saving more money to open other businesses, a good environmental investment, and helps to increase savings that every Filipino needs.

Solaric is committed to providing reliable, high-quality, and powerful rooftop solar panel installation. 

Here at Solaric, we help many Filipinos fulfill their solar energy dreams by providing energy-efficient rooftop solar panels as we deliver fast, efficient, and effective customer service. We promote solar-powered lifestyles by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction through permanent and ultimate zero electric bills.


Solaric is the Leader in Rooftop Solar

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Backed by decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar in the Philippines and has delivered significant cost reductions in electricity expenses, as well as milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener, and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable power. Welcome to the new generation of solar and turning on the sun.

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