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You will need to purchase a battery with the capacity to power your home (Telsa Powerwall, Power Stations, SonnenCore, LG Chem RESU Prime etc.) for money saving purposes. These Energy storage units have to be professionally installed into. Contact one of our installation specialists for more details via our contact form or our ‘get a quote’ link at the bottom of this page. For backup power in outages, outdoor camping, RV’s and other household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioning) then shop our magnificent catalog.

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Our Webpage has a list of partnered Solar Energy Companies that we provide a platform to showcase there products as apart of an affiliate program for solar energy. We will be compensated if you make a purchase and help save our planet.

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Affordable Solar Power can be used for your entire home, air conditioning, laundry and while you sleep. It can also be your back up from power outages caused by storms, city construction or anything else that uses power in your home, ex. Plug your washing machine into your solar powered battery and use It instead of running up that electricity bill! The same for refrigerators and heating.

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